WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Understanding Chaos


  • The following is one of several uncovered documents we found concealed in the vault. The writing matches a former scribe Nigel Kurst. He was discredited and banished from the Library for his fraudulent work “Chronicle of Barnabas Boven”

~The nature of magic: What is magic? Magic is born from Chaos. It picks people. I do not know why it only picks some of us but when it chooses one of us it attaches itself to us. In doing so we can touch a small piece of it, some more than others. We can use this power to change the world around us. This is Magic. We are taught that what we can do is based on what little piece of Chaos we can touch. When the Colleges were first founded the high elf mage Teclis “allowed” humans to learn magic, but forbade us from using more than one wind. He said to expand into the other winds, is to invite insanity and death. Yet the high elves use multiple winds, and they are the ones responsible for creating the eight winds. The eight winds are simply a diluted form of the pure energy released by Chaos.

The Ruinous Powers are viewed as the Gods of Chaos, but why? Chaos is not a broken slave used at the whims of four sadistic masters. Why would Gods allow their enemies access to their greatest weapon? They wouldn’t. And now the truth is starting to take shape. It is utter folly to think of them as anything more than servants. Chaos is not just a mindless force. I believe it is a living, intelligent being, so unlike us that most simply cannot grasp it’s true existence.

I believe the Ruinous Powers were much like us before Chaos came to their world. Perhaps they were more intelligent than us, perhaps they were more advanced… they certainly possessed more arrogance. Chaos touched them, the way it touches us, but they tried to take more. They weren’t satisfied with a taste of power. Their hunger drove them to unspeakable acts, trying desperately to bind Chaos to their bodies when their minds could no longer contain more. The vastness of it was too much for them. Chaos broke them, twisted them, and enslaved them. It took all the darkness those beings had within and forced it to the surface, forever changing them. Yet even now they fight each other trying to wrest control of additional power from each other, they still desire more even after everything that has happened to them. Chaos doesn’t mind the ceaseless battles, the war servers a purpose.

Each time Chaos is accessed and used it goes stronger, it isn’t diminished. All of us that use it gain power, and in return it gains exercise, possibly entertainment… defiantly nourishment.
The Ruinous Powers travel to worlds like ours and bring with them their petty struggles and twisted desires. Chaos moves along with them and offers tiny pieces of itself to the inhabitants of the new world, providing a glimmer of hope and the only means to beat back the Ruinous Powers. It doesn’t matter which side wins or loses, Chaos always wins.

It’s true the Ruinous Powers can use far greater amounts of Chaos than we can, but that’s only natural is it not? They’ve had thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of years to learn how to use Chaos, but what good has it done them? They are powerful, but they are still shackled. They bound their minds, bodies, and their very essence to Chaos. They can never be free from the hooks embedded into every aspect of their being. It is their punishment for trying to force Chaos in the beginning instead of working with it.

What are the Gods of this world? In truth they are simply facets of Chaos, and priests are nothing more than self-deluded wizards. I do not dispute they have access to power, but that power comes directly from Chaos. The Gods are thought-forms, manifestations of the messy minds, feelings, and ideals of humans. Chaos doesn’t waste its time on random stray thoughts as there isn’t enough energy behind each thought to warrant attention. The combined belief of thousands of people IS worthy of attention. Chaos reaches out through the focused faith of so many minds and attaches tiny strands.
The whole system of religion is a wonderful tool for Chaos. Most humans worship at least one of the gods in some fashion. I class them as passives. Passives interact with Chaos while performing their prayers and rituals, but rarely gain even a faction of power. Passives are a free meal for Chaos, though no a satisfying one. Actives are different. Actives are the priests. The priests lead, and focus the faith of their cult. As focused conduits of faith priests are given a larger cord to Chaos, which in turn grants access to the power. Their faith and the faith of others solidify their connection cord to Chaos. Faith grants them power, and yet it limits them at the same time. Their will directed at Chaos causes an effect just like when a wizard uses one of the eight winds. However, instead of having an immediate effect there is a time delay because they believe they have to pray really hard after making their request. When they feel they have built up enough prayer time they release the power and the blessing takes effect. Priests will never be able to perform any major action without that time delay. The very thing that limits them is the only reason why they have access to power in the first place. If priests changed their perspectives and grew their understanding of the world to my level their power would no longer function. They would have to learn a new way to access the power.

Just think of what a man, armed with this true understanding of Chaos could do. Such a man, given enough time could forge a better symbiotic relationship with Chaos. Not one of enslavement but one of equality. Not parasitic in nature but mutualistic. I only need time. ~


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