WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Ubersreik: Out of the muck and into the fire


From the unfinished Chronicle of Barnabas Boven
By Nigel Kurst : Scribe at the Imperial Library of Atdorf.
(Author’s note: For ease of reading while I compile my notes and rough drafts I will denote the words of Barnabas within these lines) → ~ ~

~After my bath I finally met with the messenger and paid him to deliver my report to the Masters. If my report arrives safely it was 30 shillings well spent. “The Fox” has just entered. The others seemed uncomfortable with sleeping in the same room as the man. Strange. I think he is my most valuable agent. Loyal if treated fairly. Resourceful. Willing to get his hands dirty.

“The Fox” has just confirmed that his last assignment was completed, flawlessly. I can at least take some comfort in that while I drift off to sleep tonight. ~

~At breakfast we saw the lackey of our former employer. He seemed surprised to see us… a hint of guilty perhaps? “The Storyteller” chatted with “The Lackey” about the ball, our former assignment, and the political tension between his master and “The Fairytale Nobles”. “The Fox” made hints about paying “The Lackey’s” Master a visit. The signs did point to the murder of a noble, could this be it? It doesn’t quite feel right, it’s too simple to be “The Fox”.

As “The Lackey” was leaving I followed him and suggested “The Fairytale Nobles” might be behind the theft of the ring. He seemed put off by my continued interest in the ring. One would think the man would want to find his Master’s missing item. Unless of course “The Lackey” was behind the theft. This theory I let slip to “The Fox” when I returned to the table. ~

I haven’t seen Anya for several days. She said she was going to try to gather more information about Barnabas and items of note mentioned in this book. I hadn’t realised before how lonely this work can be. I used to enjoy the solitude, but now I miss her.

~Breakfast came to an end with the tavern owner informing us about a fire in the temple district. It would appear the “Evil Book Hunter” was successful in the middle of the night. When I suggested his involvement to the tavern owner he seemed unable to hear me so I spoke louder. “The Storyteller” and others at the table nearly came unglued at my suggestion. The only one that kept a cool head was “The Fox”, and he casually suggested we put an end to the problem before it grows out of hand. Is it any wonder that he is my favourite agent? ~

Dear Gods… they are both insane. One doesn’t simply “put an end” to a witch hunter. I will send for records from Ubersreik. The officials might have information about the temple fire, or two men burnt by witch hunters.

~On our way to the costume shop guards stopped us and asked our business in the wealthy part of the market. They seemed unhappy to see “The Docent” leading the way. I bet they perk up at the sight of him the next time rats infest their sleeping quarters. “The Storyteller” and “The Puff” convinced them “The Docent” wouldn’t cause any trouble and they walked away. I followed them to inquire about the temple fire. The incompetent fools didn’t have any leads so I told them about yesterday’s disturbance caused by the “Evil Book Hunter”. They asked me to stop by the barracks to make a formal accusation. I agreed to go after visiting the costume shop.

The costume shop was exactly like one would expect it to be, the perfect location for people with more coin than the sense the gods gave a goat. I saw a sketch of “The Storyteller’s” outfit for the party. It looked like something Ranald would find pleasing. I wonder if “The Storyteller” is aware of the connection between “The Fairytale Nobles” and the temple of Ranald. Is he just a sycophant, or is he announcing to us his new allegiance? While the rest of us were selecting our outfits I noticed the old woman in charge of the shop kept eying “The Storyteller”. There was lust written all over her face. If we hadn’t been in the shop with them I believe she would have pounced on “The Storyteller”. ~

A noble family in Ubersreik with connections to the temple of Ranald. The codenames Barnabas uses for people always give a hint about them; perhaps I can use these clues to find out which noble family he is talking about. Specific details like that would greatly benefit my research.

~Outside the shop the group spent an unbearable amount of time arguing about buried treasure hidden in, or under the Tower of Magnus. “The Docent” wanted to use the sewer tunnels to get under the tower. The others agreed but then started arguing about how to find the correct tunnel, the noseless fellow was offered as a suggestion, and then they started arguing about how to find him. I had enough so I quietly excused myself and headed to the barracks to make my formal accusation. And here I sit waiting for the captain of the guard or some other functionary to take my statement… I’ve been waiting nearly an hour. My patience grows thin. ~


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