WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Ubersreik: At the Red Moon Inn


From the unfinished Chronicle of Barnabas Boven
By Nigel Kurst : Scribe at the Imperial Library of Atdorf.
(Author’s note: For ease of reading while I compile my notes and rough drafts I will denote the words of Barnabas within these lines) → ~ ~

~I gave my statement to a guard that had witnessed the first book burning attempt. Most citizens fear the witch hunters but the guard was glad that at least one person in the Empire wasn’t afraid to speak out against their crimes. I rejoined my agents in the town square, a few meters away from the recently established group of flagellants. Fools, one and all. As I watched them with disgust I noticed a random priest of Sigmar walking by. He stopped in his tasks when four imps appeared from nowhere and started assaulting him. My agents and I sprang into action but “The Storyteller” was the last one to react as usual. The man’s wits seem permanently dulled by excessive wine.

The priest was clearly not trained to fight. During his reckless flailing about he stepped into blows intended for the imps several times. The situation was too much for his mind to handle and he fainted dead away. The “Evil Book Hunter” showed up just in time to see the priest fall and the man’s twisted thought process immediately jumped to the conclusion that we were responsible for the priest’s misfortune. Lunacy.

Smiling and shouting at the same time “The Storyteller” managed to convince the “Evil Book Hunter” to attack the remaining imps instead of us. I do not understand how his antics influence people, but I can’t argue with the results. With one imp remaining from the corner of my eye I noticed my favoured agent, “The Fox” rushing towards the melee. I saw a tiny line of blood trickle down the side of the “Evil Book Hunter’s” armoured vest just after “The Fox” darted past him. The “Evil Book Hunter’s” followers must have noticed the same thing because several of them tackled “The Fox”. We dispatched the final imp and the “Evil Book Hunter” left with the unmoving but still breathing priest.

“The Puff” was intrigued by the imps so I explained everything I could about them while I watched him take out all manner of sharp and curved blades. There in the middle of the town sqaure he cut open one of the imps and started taking out bits and pieces. It was very informative but I lost my breakfast next to “The Puff” after he handed me some foul smelling part that was covered in unspeakable fluids. I chose to make a tactical withdrawal from the scene when I noticed several guards moving swiftly in our direction. ~

I don’t even know what to say. I’m stunned. I’m overjoyed that I only have to decode and read about your life Barnabas. Being around you was clearly an unhealthy decision.

~While I was making my way back to the Red Moon Inn the priest of Verena that I aided yesterday stopped me. We briefly discussed the fire in the temple and then I told him about the imps. He informed me of similar events happening around the Empire and that his brotherhood in Altdorf sent word just this morning to be wary. I mentioned my displeasure of having to wait more than a week for word to reach me from my Order and he seemed put off by the long delay. He informed me all the major Temples of Verena have a secret and swift means of communication, and he offered to let me make use of this service during my time in Ubersreik. I thanked him and said I would return later this evening to take him up on his offer. The swift delivery of reports and foretellings would be invaluable to my Order. I will see if I can learn anything about this new form of communication. ~


~Back at the Red Moon Inn our meal was interrupted by “The Lackey”, he informed us our former employer had arrived in town and that he would tell our former employer all about our deeds in the town square. When I questioned “The Lackey” he explained away his knowledge of what happened by saying he was just passing by and witnessed the battle. I’m not convinced. Something about this man is really starting to get to me. I have a growing feeling that he cannot be trusted. After the departure of “The Lackey” my agents decided they all had things to do. Several left muttering something about capturing and beating the noseless fellow, and “The Praegustator” said he needed a new bow. ~

This lot truly were a bunch of bastards. Why heap abuse on a drunken crazed man with no nose?

~I decided to stay here at our table to write these notes. The information contained in these pages could change the world some day; I only hope I am still around to see it. “The Puff” is sitting across from me, drawing sketches of the imp’s insides and jotting down his personal musings about the creatures.

“The Praegustator” and “The Fox” have returned. “The Fox” says he met a female retainer of the “Hosts of the Grand Ball”. The way “The Fox” is telling his tale concerns me. When he is finished I will take him aside and explain who the “Hosts of the Grand Ball” are and how the family is connected in this city. ~


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