WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Dreaming about Chaos


  • The following is one of several uncovered documents we found concealed in the vault. The writing matches a former scribe Nigel Kurst. He was discredited and banished from the Library for his fraudulent work “Chronicle of Barnabas Boven”

~I just woke up from a dream that could change everything. If people knew what I now know they would kill every last one of us. Out the window the light of Morrslieb bathes everything in a green glow. “The Fox” is nowhere to be seen. I suspect he is out tailing “The Lackey” or scouting our former employer’s mansion. Death stalks the alleys of Ubersreik.

In my dream I was standing in an open field, somewhere in the Empire. I looked up and saw Chaos itself. It was like a great glowing world filling the centre of our world. It was divided into sections. Eight main sections all seamlessly linked together to form the whole. Within each section dozens of small shapes danced about in an ever shifting yet somehow constant pattern. Extending up from my body was a single glowing blue line and it was attached to one of the eight sections of Chaos. So much of that section made sense to me… I knew without a doubt that it was the Azyr wind.

Then I looked around and I saw thousands of other lines extending up to Chaos. Each line was a wizard or priest. I could tell the two apart. The structure of the lines differed and the priests weren’t nearly as powerful. So many lines, so many connections, like tendrils enveloping our world in pulsating energy. Studying the scene in front of me I realised an important fact. The connections weren’t one way. Every time one of us used our power the great mass would stiffen and then relax. Like a giant muscle receiving a workout, growing stronger. Then wizards started to die and great puffs of energy surged up their connection line as those lines were severed from the dead wizards.

It eats us.

I started to turn away but my gaze locked onto four impossibly large lines of energy randomly connecting to different sections of the mass. They seemed to be fighting over the mass. Large skirmishes took place every time two or more of the lines tried to connect to the same area. Entire battles were won and lost in the blink of an eye, the victor extending its influence into other sections. The battle continued and when any one line began to show signs of true territorial dominance the other lines seemed to work together for the briefest of moments, together they crushed the dominant one, stealing large swaths of territory in the process. Then they would turn on each other, restoring a twisted sense of balance… or rather a stalemate. The whole time Chaos grew, feeding on the energy released by those lines of connection. The Ruinous Powers are not the masters of Chaos. It feeds on them the same way it feeds on us.

What do I do now? Knowing what I now know how can I continue to use my power? At the same time, how could I stop? This power can be used to change not only the fate of this world, but the very fabric of our existence. Is it even possible to cut my connection to Chaos without causing my own death? I don’t believe so. What would I gain by stopping? Nothing. I must press on. ~

Sigmar’s balls… Is that really how it works or was he just insane? We all have bad dreams, do we not? He did have that cultist book with him, perhaps that book was simply playing tricks on his mind. Either way I cannot permit anyone to see this now. The project would be cancelled and all of my hard work destroyed. I will place this translation in the hidden alcove I discovered deep in the Library’s vaults until I decide what to do with it.


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