WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Ubersreik: A city of witch hunters, flagellants, and muck.


From the unfinished Chronicle of Barnabas Boven
By Nigel Kurst : Scribe at the Imperial Library of Atdorf.
(Author’s note: For ease of reading while I compile my notes and rough drafts I will denote the words of Barnabas within these lines) → ~ ~

It would seem Ubersreik was a chaotic time for Barnabas, and his time spent in the city caused several changes to take place. In the following pages the man Barnabas previously referred to as “The Catcher of Rats” will herein be known as “The Docent”.

~I made inquiries into hiring a messenger then enjoyed a glass of spiced wine and a fine meal. I was informed it would take several hours before arrangements could be made so I agreed to follow my agents to the red moon inn. Rumours are being flung around this tavern by the drunken denizens, I’ve heard a number of negative things about “The Fairytale Nobles”. If the rumours are to be believed they worship the ruinous powers, want to buy up at least half the city, and they smell funny. I’m willing to believe two of the three. It appears there’s also a crazed group of people in the town square shouting about the end of the world and whipping themselves. Fools. None of them possess the skills or mental acumen to properly read the signs / patterns, they should leave such matters to my Order. Ironically… they might be right. ~

The last time I checked the world hadn’t ended. I’m happy to note that they were incorrect, Barnabas. I wouldn’t have met Anya if the world had ended. Come to think of it I probably wouldn’t have met her if it wasn’t for this book. Thank you Barnabas.

~”The Storyteller” has just finished yet another meal, and another flagon of wine. It’s as if he doesn’t remember eating just before coming to the red moon inn. I plan on visiting the city’s largest collection of books while I wait for a suitable messenger. The others have their own minor errands around the city. “The Docent” will naturally lead the way. ~


~Outside my intended destination I found the rumoured crazed men. Their leader wanted to enter the building and burn all the books, claiming all written words were somehow related to the ruinous powers. Just another ignorant fool feeling threatened by knowledge and wisdom due to his lack of both. With the backing of his thugs he was more than prepared to kill the priest guarding the library, naturally I stepped in to turn the “evil book hunter’s” attention to other matters. I suggested that he investigate the “Fairytale nobles” instead of burning books. He wasn’t pleased with my intervention and somehow I feel he sensed the cultist’s book concealed under my robes. Before the violence started a delegation for the city council accompanied by a priest of sigmar arrived. After heated words were exchanged the mad men chose to make a tactical retreat. I know I haven’t seen the last of them. I suppose I will have to kill again… or hire “him” again. Yes, that would do nicely. In exchange for my help the priest in charge of the library gave me full access to the resources of the library and its staff. Initiates approach with the volumes I requested. ~

The following two pages all appear to be Barnabas’ notes about the research he did. Most of it is too vague and lacks context for me to understand it. Random names, religions, guilds, and locations. They must be a chain of affiliations but the “who” and the “why” of it alludes me.

~”The Storyteller” and “The Docent” have returned. Back at the inn “The Storyteller” mentioned something about wanting new feathers for his hat or some other frivolous thing. I wasn’t paying close attention at the time, but I don’t see anything new about the man. “The Docent” keeps insisting that there’s hidden treasure under the bridge. I’m sure it’s just a tall tale but I’m willing to the humour the man, he may be a bit simple in the head but he is hard working. ~


It’s important to note that the following passage was not written in Barnabas’ typical elegant penmanship. It’s clear to me he was angry enough while writing that he allowed it to impact the quality of his work.

~While I was helping “The Docent” look for his hidden treasure under the bride out of the corner of my eye I saw a coin sail past me, it landed in the muck within inches of my boots. A swarm of beggars launched themselves at the coin, reacting with more speed than their sickly half starved frames should have been capable of. I would have been trampled had it not been for my own swift reaction. Unfortunately in my haste to retreat I stepped into a deeper section of muck. I don’t know if the stains and smell will ever come out of my robe, it’s currently being laundered downstairs while I wait for my bath to be prepared… two more buckets of hot water should do it.

As I stood there in disbelief at the situation a young woman approached me with an outstretched hand, thanking me for an offering I had not given. I asked her if she knew where that coin came from and she pointed up the hill. Sure enough “The Storyteller” was standing on the edge of the gully, red faced and shaking with laughter. I do hope he wet himself trying to contain the laughter. I felt “The Storyteller” would benefit from sharing in the experience so I paid the young woman a silver shilling to assist him down the hill. She ran off with my coin and the desired outcome never came to be. Meanwhile “The Docent” had started talking to a man with no nose. I overheard them discussing the treasure, and giant rats the size of horses. I had enough at that point, excused myself and came straight here for a bath before I meet my messenger. ~


Good stuff Cory. lol@

“The Storyteller” has just finished yet another meal, and another flagon of wine. It’s as if he doesn’t remember eating just before coming to the red moon inn.”

If Mdme Beaumarteau is charging for costumes by the inch I think it’s fair to say that Gustav will be paying a little bit more than most for the additional inches round the midriff ;) He heh! ;)


Falco just realised the treasure is buried under the other bridge. We’ll have to check it out this Saturday.

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