WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

On the road again: To Ubersreik


From the unfinished Chronicle of Barnabas Boven
By Nigel Kurst : Scribe at the Imperial Library of Atdorf.
(Author’s note: For ease of reading while I compile my notes and rough drafts I will denote the words of Barnabas within these lines) → ~ ~

~I could feel the power of Morrslieb all night. I only managed to get a few broken hours of sleep. At breakfast I ate a few bites of the stale bread and old cheese. I do not believe it was poisoned as I’m not experiencing any side effects. Our now former employer revealed more details about the missing ring. He was planning on selling the ring and replacing it with a fake, the fake was to be given to his new wife. His money troubles probably stem from excessive drinking mixed with gambling, he seems like the type to over indulge when it comes to…everything. Much like “The Storyteller”, though he is at least useful to me. We are currently riding in a coach bound for Ubersreik. I have reason to believe the ring is important to the path I am currently on and that I will uncover more information when we get to the city. ~

Anya has suggested that we work together. She thinks my chronicle would benefit from a companion volume detailing the unique artefacts mentioned in Barnabas’ book. This research could take months, years even. We would have to spend most days, and even nights together. This is a grand idea! I will speak to the head archivist about this in the morning.

~The coach is slowing down. A quick glance out the window has revealed the reason why. Another coach is partially off the road with a broken wheel. “The Storyteller” shouts at the driver to keep going, I agree but speaking to the man would only encourage him to start telling another story and I have so much work to do. It would appear the driver didn’t hear him as we have come to a complete stop. The other coach belongs to some sort of noble and the realisation of this has made “The Storyteller” rather jolly. He just climbed out the coach and is shouting at “The Praegustator” to offer aid to the other coach. “The Praegustator” is helping and “The Storyteller” is blathering at another man, presumably the noble owner of the coach. Just another self important fool I’m sure. Now… Morrslieb is waxing towards full much faster than it should be. Even now in the day sky I can see it shining its sickly light on the world. Last night The Gloaming held my attention for a long time, but most disturbing is the path of Morrslieb. Based on my calculations it will wax full just as it reaches the Witchling Star.

The Sun and The Gloaming are tightly bound right now: Illumination, enlightenment,
wisdom and truth are the signs of the Sun, yet The Gloaming is significant for bringing illusion and mysteries to the pattern. The Sun will offer no answers in the near future.

Mannslieb: Waxing to full, currently positioned in the house of The Broken Cart. Pride will lead to many disasters and broken dreams in the coming days.

Morrslieb: Waxing to full, currently moving closer to The Witchling Star. The green light of Morrslieb is already making the presence of The Witchling Star more noticeable. As it stands now I’m struggling to control the Azyr wind and this unhappy union of the celestial bodies will continue to plague all wizards for the coming week or two.

Charyb: Also moving through the house of The Gloaming, this at least gives me some hope. Knowledge and wisdom will help breakdown the illusions and find answers to the mysteries.

Deiamol the burning planet: Is moving through the house of The Drummer. The ruler of passions and love in the sign of excess and hedonism, I suspect that my agents will be next to useless after we arrive in the city. Half of them will likely head straight to a brothel.
Tigris: moving through the house of The Big Cross. I should trust my instincts. I am sensitive to the pattern of the world and by using my finetuned instincts I will gain all the clarity I need. I will not let doubt creep into my mind.

Verdra: moving through the house of The Piper. The celestial body of life, fertility and progeny in the house of the trickster… interesting. I believe we will likely encounter an illegitimate child in the city or a cheating spouse, one or both of which will play some part in what’s to come. Most likely a puffed up noble… our former employer?

Lokratia: moving through the house of Vobist the Faint. The celestial body of change, endings, and death in the house of darkness and uncertainty… An important event will happen at night. This event at night will likely have a large impact on the future of Ubersreik, the death (murder) or downfall of a family is highly possible during the event in question.

Obscuria: briefly spotted in the house of Cackelfax the Cockerel, the sign of money and merchants. Some of the trouble brewing in Ubersreik has a root cause of money. This is no surprise, and is true for almost any part of the Empire. But given the other signs Obscuria seems to say that money and the elevation (or downfall) of a noble/powerful family is key to events that will happen. Hidden plots will likely see businesses topple or change hands, and misdirection will be employed during the night event. A murder is almost certain but it won’t be that simple. The darkness runs deeper and perhaps I will discover another cult dedicated to the ruinous powers. ~


~At some point while I was working my coach started up again. “The Storyteller” didn’t climb back inside, and it was this fact that allowed me to work uninterrupted. With my notes completed I spared a few moments to look out the window, the walls of Ubersreik are drawing near. As soon as we arrive in the city I will locate some lodgings and then hire a messenger. I must get a letter to the Masters at the College as soon as possible. Time grows short. ~


Good work as ever Cory! In fact i’m thinking that your hard work on these logs shouldn’t go unrewarded. So for this log and all future logs you submit i’ll add a fortune point into the party sheet. As for all the logs you’ve done to date have yourself a fortune point next session. Keep up the good work.

On the road again: To Ubersreik
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