WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Having a Ball

at Von Holzenauer's Mansion

The Masquerade Ball


With the smell of gas heavy in the air the party beat a hasty retreat through the sewers from whence they came. It seems the group will have to wait to find what secrets the sewers hold. But as they head back it seems that they’re not the only ones in a hurry to leave. Suddenly rats begin pouring from the nearby effluent pipes and seemingly spooked by someone or something they begin to swarm towards the group. Gustav takes his umpteenth plunge beneath the muck in his haste to beat a hasty retreat, and with rats swarming all around Ulli also falls but recovers in time to squeeze through an open iron sewer gate. Gustav and Ulli manage to force the gate closed and Ulli selflessly holds the gate for a while to allow the others a head start. Eventually Ulli catches up and all three make good their exit back to the grate under Borgun’s Brewery from which they entered.

The party emerge tired and dirty from their forages into the sewers and with more questions than answers about what lurks beneath Ubersreik and who or what is responsible for the brutal death of the dwarf mercenary in their party.

And so after a quick hose down back at Gramma’ Ruggers our party head off to the Masquerade Ball.

Ulli enters no problem but the others are having some problems gaining entrance. Well it’s no good having a perfectly forged ticket if your names not on the list right? The lovely Netta Volkmann vouches for Vesevir and Gustav, Barnabas uses some Celestial wizardry to intimidate his way in while Alex and Falco are shown the exit door. While Falco heads off who knows where Alex undettered decides to do what he does best and ‘skulk’. He sneaks around the back entrance looking for an alternate entrance.

Gustav normally the first one to the bar and a natural party animal has other pressing concerns. It seems his adventures in the sewers have brought him a touch of the galloping trots. So he immediately heads off to the bathroom, Ulli and Barnabas set off to mingle. Mid dash to the WC Gustav briefly spots Borgun Foambeard guarding his precious casks of ale as though they were babes in arms.

Ulli and Barnabas scan around the room. In addition to Borgun and a Dwarven colleague, other early arrivals include Cpt Blucher and his comely colleague Capt Andrea Pfeffer in their military uniform. Among the rest are a rather lifelike looking Beastman and a fellow with a rather peculiar looking bridge for a mask. As breathtaking as those costumes are they pale in comparison to the attire of the next arrival. Maximilian Aschaffenburg the youngest son of Rickard Aschaffenberg’s brother arrives in Bruner colours and with a fake tentacle arm costume. There are gasps from the audience and angry words exchanged from Lord Heissman in particular who takes exception to this display.

Less than half an hour has passed before word reaches Borgun Foambeard of an attack on a consignment of beer that was en route to the the Ball. Gustav (now a friend of Borgun), Barnabas (who entered the ball on the pretense of being security), and a reluctant Ulli are drafted to go and check the attack location for tracks of whatever attacked. They get there but the poor light and disturbances gives little indication of who or what was responsible, so they decide to head back to the Ball.

Meanwhile Alex sneaked around back and enters through a staff entrance to the manor and makes his way via the kitchen and past an angry cook into the house and right into the thick of the ball. Hearing his friends have left he considers following them but doesn’t fancy chancing his arm at sneaking in a 2nd time so decides to stick around.

It doesn’t take Alex long to find The Beastman who is evidently an esteemed noble cornered by a bunch of social climbing, frightfully boring guests who include the bridge mask guy. Alex comes to the nobles aid and rescues him only to discover he’s none other than The Margrave Reinhardt von Mackensen. It’s not long before the tipsy Margrave explains that he has little love for any of the candidates and has a plan to scupper the frontrunner. Alex’s eyes light up at the skullduggery possibilities laid out before him. “My dear Margrave. Let me get you another drink.” says a beaming Alex.

Alex’s night soon became a good deal more interesting…


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