WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

Doctors Notes - Patient Alex Bartok

Patient is a man in his thirties, average build and health, appears to be Estalian by birth. Patient came to me with complaints of inability to sleep. Further questioning revealed a host of mental abnormalities, including visions, agoraphobia and a disturbing evidence of sadism. Patient was delusional, with paranoid tendencies. Described events where he was hired by a person of noble birth to investigate unusual goings on. In his delusion he grouped with a strange group of individuals he had never seen before. He reports a house full of sympathizers with chaos, a poisoning, and encounter in an underground temple to the ruinous powers, a fight, a painting of a magical eye with powers to invoke fear. He recounts some events in great detail while others he claims to have been unconscious for. Patient shows signs of exhaustion and extreme stress, likely caused by lack of sleep from visions and the fear induced from his delusions.

He does however have a number of suspicious wounds that he states occurred in battle with worshipers of the painting with the eye – suspect they are self induced.

Bled patient from head and neck veins to release the delusional spirits. Provided patient with a supply of calming tea. Recommended to the house of Shallya in Altdorf, where I have been told some success with insanity have been demonstrated. However have little hope he will go there or find relief from his madness. Will not be surprised to find his body in the Garden of Morr in the not too distant future..


He he he. A great read David. I’d better find out how much a straight-jacket costs in Warhammer money and how much it will add to your encumbrance ;)

noelyuk dcgreenwood

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