Barnabas Boven

Apprentice of the Celestial College, seeking to unravel the mysteries of the future.


Early 30s, 5’ 11”, 155lbs, black hair cut short (when he remembers / makes time to get it cut), hair is mostly unkempt with the appearance of having just woken up. Dark green eyes, though they flash blue when he is drawing upon the azyr wind (this effect is exaggerated when he is “showing” that he is a wizard). Overall he has a very average appearance, but the little moons and stars made of copper stitched into his blue order robes, along with the large book he keeps with him at all times, makes him stand out like a sore thumb.


The Chronicle of Barnabas Boven
By Nigel Kurst : Scribe at the Imperial Library of Atdorf.

I don’t know if I will ever finish this assignment. The subject matter is convoluted at best. Here I am stuck trying to compile a chronicle about a man that may not have even existed and all I have to go on is a rather large book that’s currently open in front of me. The book is supposedly written by the man, but page after page is filled with what appears to be utter nonsense. Squiggle, squiggle, line, squiggle, curved line, squiggly line. What is that supposed to mean? This isn’t even a real language! All of this because I openly corrected my master while he was giving a lecture. When will I learn to keep my big mouth shut?


I’ve spent weeks studying this book. It appears the book was written in some type of cipher but every time I think I’ve reasoned a part out it turns out to be nothing more than a shopping list or an account of the weather. This is maddening. The Head Archivist is toying with me. I could have been working for some noble family, writing down their boring history during the day and flirting with the servants at night. Instead I’m stuck doing THIS.


It has been four months since I first started studying this book. This Barnabas was a genius or a mad man, I haven’t decided yet. I’ve succeeded in deciphering a scant few lines of text from this book. Barnabas was a wizard of the Celestial College. I will see if I can get answers from them tomorrow.


A waste of time! They made me wait all day before sending someone to speak to me, and who did they send? Some lowly apprentice! I was told the Celestial College could not confirm or deny that a “Barnabas Boven” had ever been a member. The sly demon had the nerve to ask me for the book so they could authenticate the claims within it. I flatly refused.


Eight months of my life wasted. I’m no closer to writing a decent chronicle than when I started. If I don’t make any progress soon I’m tempted to flee the city with this book, make copies of it, and sell them as “lost tomes of secret knowledge” to rich nobles. The text at least looks like a language, and the strange drawings of plants and flowers that don’t exist should intrigue the rich fools. At the very least the expertly rendered full page drawings of star formations will give weight to the authenticity of the book. (Note to self, do not include any of this in official weekly report)


It only took a year but I have made a breakthrough! It all started to make sense while I was making my second copy of the book… I’ve started to unravel the tangled web of deceit and misdirection. The early chapters of the book are starting to make sense… at least some parts.
This is the story of Barnabas Boven.

Born in Altdorf to a successful textile merchant, Barnabas enjoyed an easy upbringing. Most of his time was spent with his nose in a book, or learning the family trade from his father Chandler. He took to the financial side of things quickly with his uncanny ability to predict changes in trends and expected yields of goods. It seems Barnabas found the rest of the business largely tedious, especially haggling and as he put it “staring into the dim eyes of the slow witted customers and suppliers”

Fate (if one believes in such things) had other plans for Barnabas, near his 14th birthday a wizard from the Celestial College stopped by to place a large order of cloth to make robes for new apprentices at the College. Barnabas who was playing with his little sister (Learna. Her name comes up often in the book, she was somehow an important part of his life. If I can track down information about her this assignment might become easier!) caught the wizard’s eye. Chandler was informed that Barnabas was ever so slightly drawing on the Azyr wind without realising it, and that this was extremely dangerous. The only options were to send Barnabas to the Celestial College for proper training, or for the witch hunters to deal with him.

Barnabas spent eighteen years of his life at the Celestial College as an apprentice before being sent out on a mission. There are over thirty pages which I can only guess contain information about his mission. The mission was to study predictions given to him by Masters of the Celestial Order. (I can’t make heads or tails of his notes or findings, but some of the following pages appear to be basic journal entries about his travels.).

It is clear to me that Barnabas was obsessed with uncovering the future, and trying to answer questions that cannot be answered. In a strange way I feel a small bond with him. Trying to finish this project is equally impossible.

Barnabas Boven

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