WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

The Cult defeated. The Box depleted.


From the unfinished Chronicle of Barnabas Boven
By Nigel Kurst : Scribe at the Imperial Library of Atdorf.
(Author’s note: For ease of reading while I compile my notes and rough drafts I will denote the words of Barnabas within these lines) → ~ ~

~With the beastmen in full retreat I gathered up the gruesome book the cultists had been reading from and wrapped it in some cloth. It was decided that we should go inside and survey the possible damage. While the others proceeded to the secret opening in the chimney I decided to assist the cleanup effort by disposing of one of the bodies.

As the gardener’s lifeless form fell from the side of the roof I thought I saw his eyes open. It must have just been a trick of the light. Morrslieb was shining bright. The body hit the ground with bone shattering force. If the man wasn’t dead before, he certainly was after the fall. ~

Charming, Barnabas. Anya seems quite eager to read more. The mention of the cultist’s book sparked her interest. She must desire to know how Barnabas disposed of such a book. The classic triumph of good over evil, she is so adorable.

~Inside the manor I decided to check on the hospice while my agents moved off to awaken our employer and fill him in on the details of the past few hours. Arriving at the hospice I found the doorway had been barricaded against an attack that never happened. The old priestess allowed me inside and I explained the situation to her. She thanked Sigmar for saving the day, and I returned the Dwarven hammer to its rightful owner. We exchanged a few pleasantries and I excused myself. ~

Barnabas not being rude to someone? What a novel concept. It must have something to do with his sister and the deep faith she had in Sigmar.

~Ten minutes later, armed with the book, and the empty box I entered the great hall for a final meeting with our employer. With all the evidence in front of him the man finally had to take my previous warnings as fact. The world would be run much smoother if people just listened to my Order, we know what we are about. Under the threat of blackmail, using the book as a visual aid our employer revealed details about the box, and its former contents. The man had the nerve to accuse me of theft. I calmly explained to him that the box was the first thread in a pattern which shaped the current events and that it was vital that I gained as much information about it as possible. The interest the beastmen have shown in several items belonging to our employer or the former lord of this manor concerns me. I feel the ring, this man, or his family might be chaos touched somehow. As I tried to explain the finer details of patterns, signs, and portents his eyes appeared to glaze over. Just another dim witted cow as I suspected. ~

Which is more arrogant a noble or a wizard? A valid question and joke rolled into one. Anya excused herself, saying she needed to freshen up. Looking out the window I see I’ve been working well into the night. Dawn is only a few hours away. I will be far too tired to start my vacation today it will have to be tomorrow.

~Our employer promised letters of introduction to any of a dozen assorted guilds and institutions. What need have I of such of things? I’m a wizard of the celestial college. “The Fox” was not impressed by the level of compensation our employer offered to keep this situation quite and he proceeded to threaten our employer with a dagger. After a few heated words our employer agreed to pay a bonus of 30 shillings. I informed the man he could keep his money and his silly letters. I wanted information, and he would supply that on our journey to Ubersreik. I invited myself to ride in his coach during the journey and he agreed without hesitation, wearily eyeing the cultist’s book I had propped up, facing him. We leave in the morning. ~

By all the Gods. I’m going to have to spend days censoring my own work just to avoid the witch hunter’s flames or lightning bolts shot at me by irate celestial wizards. I mean really, threatening someone with a book dedicated to the ruinous powers!? What was wrong with Barnabas? There’s a soft knocking on my door, I hope Anya is back. I have just finished deciphering a section she asked to read, it was part of Barnabas’ ranting about Morrslieb. I found the passage disturbing but she will no doubt be impressed by my skill again.

~Cataclysmic promises are moving across the land like dark clouds.
And this prophet’s divination hangs suspended like a shadow cast by the eerie light of Morrslieb.
An ominous entry, to destroy our World. ~


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