Welcome to The Eye of the Storm,

an adventure campaign set in the grim and perilous world of …


The Eye of the Storm is an active campaign that has it’s roots in the Eye for an Eye adventure and will take the players on a journey across the empire and through Warhammer lore. With adventures from 1st through 3rd edition sources and cribbed, amended and finely crafted together by yours truly.

Interested players are encouraged to message me GM Noely and join the group. We have players from around the America’s and Asia. Time zones are thus a challenge, so our usual play time is San Francisco Friday night at 6 PM PST (18:00), which is Saturday morning in Asia.

Our scenario begins in Grunewald Lodge, a modest fortified manor in the Reikland that marks the northern extent of the lands belonging to the noble von Bruner family. Grunewald Lodge lies in the Reikwald Forest, near the foothills of the Grey Mountains. It is several miles from the closest village and at least a day’s journey from the nearest town of any notable size.


The PCs are employed by a worried noble, Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, newly married into the family and newly arrived at Grunewald Lodge, to look into a strange malaise that is affecting his manor’s staff. What is wrong with them? Is it lethargy or treachery at the root of the problem? And is it somehow connected to the disappearance of the previous Master of Grunewald Lodge, Lord Andreas Bruner almost a year ago to the day…

WFRP3 - The Eye of the Storm

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